Scorpro Riedel Wine Glass Explorer Box

I hate drinking great wine from plastic cups. Taste the same wine from a wine glass and from a plastic cup and you will see the difference that it makes.

Don't you wish that you could safely take proper wine glasses with you when you head out into the great outdoors, whether it is for a romantic day trip or for a camping trip with the family?

Well, now you can with the Explorer Box.

Made in Adelaide, the Scorpro Explorer Box is designed for wine enthusiasts on the go, to help you to enjoy your wine as you enjoy the great outdoors. Designed to securely hold two Riedel Ouverture magnum wine glasses, the explorer box is designed to help keep your glasses safe while you’re on the go, so you can enjoy your wine when you stop – wherever you stop.

Riedel, the wine glass company, are renowned for their quality glassware. The Ouverture magnum is Riedel's most versatile glass, popular as a tasting glass at major wine shows, and wineries. Machine-made from lead-free crystal wine glass, it is ideal for everyday use, surprisingly robust, with a shorter stem that provides better stability in a natural outdoor environment.

We’ve included a care card inside with instructions for keeping your glasses & explorer box in prime condition.

Now, wherever you go, wherever you stop, you can enjoy your wine with a touch of glass.

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