Dewey Station Wines

Founder and Winemaker of Dewey Station Wine's, Stefan Dewey, has a great fascination with the relationship between the soil in which grapes are grown and their unique influence on the wine produced from them.

This fascination started through the enthusiastic delivery of many an unrequested geology lesson by his mentor and old friend, Stuart Bourne from Soul Growers.

Each region, sub region and individual vineyard site has it own climate, aspect and soil profile that contributes to the growth and style of fruit that it produces.

From the sandy loams over black clay that are typical of the Barossa's Southern Grounds to the ironstone rich, red yellow and brown loams over red clay of the Northern Grounds - distinct and identifiable characters are yielded from countless individual sites throughout the masterpiece that is the Barossa Valley.

Dewey Station Wines aims to create wine that is synonymous with the 4 f's of Fun, Food, Flavour and Friendship. They describe their wines as "quirky yet serious, something to excite the senses", from the bright and fruity delights of their Shaky Train Series to the super-premium, refined and focused Anne-Inspired shiraz.

The Dewey Station range includes:

  • a fabulous Rose that has savoury flavours and a texture that make it a Rose that men can enjoy as well as the ladies. It won a Gold Medal at the Barossa Wine Show
  • an earthy Graciano, which is a Spanish variety that I had not tried before and enjoyed it very much. While Graciano grapes yield a lot of juice, their skins are very tannic. So this wine has to be hand made and not bulk produced (so it won't be found in popular chain wine shops)
  • a bright and fruitful GSM with a hint of cherry, come confection, black fruit, with a touch of spice and some savoury notes
  • a Shiraz with a blend of a vineyard in the north of the Valley at Ebenezer, and a vineyard in the south at Altona that has the flavours of the Barossa Valley without the strong tannins
  • a Premium Shiraz made from 92% Ebenezer fruit, which is the Dewey Station flagship wine. This is a big, tannic wine that pairs well with a meat dish, particularly lamb due to hints of dried lavender

Dewey Wines have distinct labels that represent their quirky style. the Shaky Train Series is named after Ellie Dewey's uncle and British cartoonist "Shaky Kane". Rich in flavour and bright in colour, this range is all about fruit characters and showcasing regionality of fruit whilst having fun doing it. This is represented in the labels.

Dewey Station Venus Express GSM
Dewey Station Venus Express GSM $27.00
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Dewey Station Wines "Off The Beaten Track" Graciano
Dewey Station Wines "Off The Beaten Track" Graciano $27.00
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Dewey Station Moonglow Rose
Dewey Station Moonglow Rose $22.00
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Dewey Station The Mars Express Shiraz
Dewey Station The Mars Express Shiraz $27.00
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