the Grapes of Ross

Ross was born into a large family where some of the best times were spent in companionship around the dinner table, here he learned appreciation for fine, home grown, homemade food and wine.

Helping his father to make the family wine was always an exciting privilege.

Later after years of working in the food industry which included learning the art of gourmet smallgoods making, he decided to follow his passion embarking on a new adventure into commercial winemaking.

His love of Barossa fruit was his inspiration and his desire to create his own unique style of wines became his labour of love.

Ross happily admits to making wines to please himself, including one of his favourites, Moscato, now a most popular seller.

However he must have a well adjusted palate because he takes great delight and fulfilment in seeing appreciative and enthusiastic customers continue to return.

Grapes Of Ross trophy winning Rose

Ross celebrates with his trophy winning 2008 Ruby Tuesday Rose’
(Best Rose’ at 2008 Barossa Wine Show)

Best of all … the lifestyle of a winemaker means Ross can always take great pleasure in sitting around a table with friends and family sharing his latest vintage.

Here is Ross preparing to share some of his Rose after being awarded the top gold medal and trophy for best Rose` at 2008 Barossa Wine Show.

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