Recommended Selections

To save you the time and the hassle of trying to choose a selection of six great wines, we have recommended collections of six wines based on quality and value. All of these wines we have enjoyed ourselves and we personally recommend.

You can order a specific collection, individual wines from those collections or join the club and receive a six-case of wine each quarter with fantastic wines from each of the categories.

The Great Value Reds Collection

These wines punch well above their weight for their price point. They are high-quality wines that you can enjoy with your meal at night without having to resort to "quaffers" or you can take them along to family gatherings where they will be the "pick of the wines". 

The Premium Reds Collection

These great examples of Barossa Wine are great wines to take to dinner parties to impress your friends with your ability to find fantastic wines.

The Super Premium Collection

These are some of the best wines that you will ever get to enjoy. They are flagship wines from a select few of our favourite wineries. These limited release wines are meant to enjoy with your partner on special occasions.  

The Barossa Reserve Club

Join our club and each quarter we will send you a six-pack consisting of one of the super-premium wines, two of the premium wines and three of the great value wines. We will also take at least 10% off the aggregate value of the wines and provide free delivery. Barossa Club members will receive frequent drinker points for all purchases that they can redeem on future orders.

    Autumn 2022 Collection
    Autumn 2022 Collection $299.00
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